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How HR impacts your buttom line.
How to get and keep top employees in the new economy.
How much is turnover costing your company?
 Using outside experts to investigate misconduct just got easier.
HR Lowers Turnover, Increases Profit Margin & Reduces Costs 


How HR Impacts Your Bottom Line.

Studies have shown that a highly effective HR function can contribute 10% to the bottom line of an organization. A first step in determining HR effectiveness is to conduct a HR audit. A HR audit should be assessing the following:

  • Are we in compliance?
  • How effective and efficient is our HR branding, recruitment and selection in obtaining talent?
  • Do our HR programs and procedures support the organization and have a positive impact on employee relations and retention?
  • Do our training and development programs focus on what the organization needs to improve organizational effectiveness?
  • How do we evaluate the impact of our training and development programs?
  • Does HR have a strategic plan? If so, how is it aligned with the organization’s strategic plan?
  • How do you measure HR’s effectiveness?

HR Design Solutions is able to help organizations conduct an HR audit which in turn provides bottom line results.

How to get and keep top employees in the new economy.

employee retentionA “Perfect Storm” is rapidly approaching on the employment front which could be a major concern for employers. On one side, you have an economic upswing and on another front employees are generally unhappy. Both fronts are converging and if the employer is not ready, they could suffer the consequences.

The economy is on the upswing with employment figures coming up, durable orders increasing, consumer confidence improving, and the GNP rising.

On the “unhappy employee” front statistics have shown that:

  • 55% of employees are not engaged into their work
  • 1/3 of employees are intensely negative
  • 64% of the workforce plan to do an intensive job search
    when the economy improves
  • 48% of middle managers are unhappy
  • 100% of employees are experiencing the highest level of discontent since 1995

On top of that, there is a shortage of “good workers.” There will be increases in retirement and managerial positions are projected to increase by 25%. Is you employment and retention strategy ready to battle this “Storm”? If not, Vince Pellettiere helps you develop your employee retention strategies.


How much is turnover costing your company?

Did you know that the cost of losing one employee can have a bottom line impact of 50—200% of one’s salary? How can that be? Consider the cost of hiring a new employees, loss of productivity of the departed employee and the time needed for the new employee to be as productive, effect on customer retention when productivity drops, and the cost of training the new employee. How is your turnover rate of “good employees”? Is it impacting your business? Do you need help with your recruitment, selection and retention strategies? Vince Pellettiere provides you with best practice strategies to reduce employee turnover.

Using outside experts to investigate misconduct just got easier.

FACT Act, is a new act that was enacted freeing employers to hire outside consultants, investigators, and law firms to investigate and report on a variety of workplace issues without first notifying targets of the investigation or obtaining their consent. Do you know what to do if you suspect a violation of the law, policies and procedures? To find out more about the stay within the legal guidelines while investigating employee miscondect, contact Vince Pellettiere for more information.

Survey Shows that Implementing Human Resources Practices
Lowers Turnover, Increases Profit Margin & Reduces Costs

A recent survey conducted by Development Dimensions International, Industry Week, and Manufacturing Performance Institute revealed that manufacturing firms that implemented "super human practices" in recruiting, performance management, training & development, teaming and safety & health had lower labor turnover, higher gross profit margin, reduction in manafacturing costs and lower scrap and rework.The key recommendations from the study were to "commit to, and develop a strategy for excellence... it does not happen overnight" and "obtain the skills necessary to proceed... grow them from within or find outside assistance."

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